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Trends come and go with each season. Some of them endure the test of time, others are quick to go in an instant. But as designers at Worth Interiors, we also create trends or combine them for a unique personalized finish.

Being aware of new coming trends is inevitable to any design professional. However, we believe the real value of great design is beyond the current tendencies. So, here are some of the new fall trends that are worth considering, knowing that they will bring more lasting value to your interiors, and will stay ”in” for many falls to come.

Fall Trends That Will Last


Call it a “classic contemporary”. Monochromatic palettes make their big comeback this fall season and it seems it will be a keeper. Pick a palette that will go well with the floor, the doors and window frames, and the type of lighting – after all daylight and artificial light change the tone of the environment. Choose the darkest hue of the palette and some white for the accessories to complete the look.

fall trends for interior design

Back To Nature

Nature will never go out of style. This time, the accent is on the accessories and elements paired together. Investing in a silk or linen tablecloths, organic creme colored ceramics, woven lampshades, large wooden chunk as a table, is definitely giving your interior a long-term value.

geometric wall tiles in a bathroomGeometry with Tiles

It is one of the strongest looks of the season. Especially applicable in the bathroom and kitchen design, or wherever there are tiles involved. New geometrical tile patterns find their way in both traditional and modern interiors. The key is to combine them well with the rest of the equipment. Instead of a kitchen backsplash made up of metro tiles, go for a hexagonal herringbone monochromatic pattern. The choice of geometric tiles on the market is enormous nowadays, so get in touch with renowned interior designers that will guide you to the perfect choice along with the type of furniture placed.


Teal Color

Apart from being an “it“ fall color, teal is also very versatile for combining with both cool hues (gray, white) and warm colors (yellow, wood texture). It can also be the ”canvas” behind the furniture – a wall painted in teal color, or an accent color through some details in a more neutral setting.

velvet sofa in a living room

Embracing Velvet

Maybe not the hottest trend, but very present. If you don’t feel ready for a lush velvet sofa as the centerpiece in the living room, then why not add some plush velvet cushions that will give a warm and luxurious feel in an instant to your modern seating area, or as a blanket on your bed. Color plays an important role with velvet – if you want to keep it elegant and chic try with navy, deep ruby, or teal! It can accentuate and transform even the plainest armchair or sofa.

WORTH INTERIORS – Creating and Delivering Trends

Check our portfolio to see some of our projects we’ve completed. We assess every project with an equal passion for creating striking interiors and keep to the agreement with our clients.  We create and deliver the trends to you!

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