A Brief History

Started in the early 90’s by Eddy Doumas, Worth Interiors has found international recognition for our creative interior concepts and designs. Based out of Vail, Colorado our firm works on projects wherever our clients take us. A New York City office was established in late 2012 due to the growing demand for Worth’s design services on the East Coast. Shortly after a satellite office in the Hamptons was opened.


Creating Space

We believe creative people must feed their creativity and continue to grow constantly. A creative person wants to create trends not follow them, break rules not be suppressed by them. “It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation” by Herman Melville, is a favorite quote at Worth Interiors. As interior designers, we are challenged by each new client and each new project to stay creative and original. Whether the challenge is to create a new space from the beginning, reinvent an existing one or simply create a solution to a problem of a space at hand. The process by which we approach these solutions is our skill, our trade and ultimately, it fuels our soul’s need to stay creative.


Inspiration & Influence

Worth Interiors is known for our distinctive use of Interior Architectural details, unique color pallet and extensive use of texture. Taking the position that design should not follow a specific set of rules, our design team at Worth Interiors utilizes unexpected influences to create unique, inviting, and compelling spaces. Organic elements give life to sleek surroundings while urban accents find comfort in rustic environments. Modern classics energize a traditional European setting while unexpected Asian accents find a home in a Rocky Mountain lodge. We find balance; combining dramatic elements with subtle detailing, and vice-versa to create a visual tension that inspires and excites.


Knowledge & Experience

Whether you are building or remodeling a private home, furnishing an apartment or designing a boutique hospitality venue, Worth Interiors has years of experience working on every aspect of a project. Our wealth of experience and knowledge combined with our vast industry relationships, preserves Worth Interior’s position as one of this country’s leading interior design firms.