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Since the second half of the last century, kitchens are no longer separated from the rest of the home. Along with the dining area, in most cases, they are integrated with the living room. Very often, kitchen islands and dining tables are in fact the central point of a friends or family gatherings.

Our approach in designing kitchens and dining area takes on a more profound level, in terms of combined functionality, technology, style, and comfort.

Vail Village Kitchen Table

Vail Village Beautiful Wooden Kitchen Table | Design by Worth Interiors

Kitchens to Enjoy While Preparing Food

Our design team at Worth Interiors is dedicated to every corner of the home or apartment – and kitchens and dining areas are not an exception! What’s more, we perfectly understand the complexity of the kitchen space – it needs to be impeccably organized, integrated seamlessly with the rest of the living area yet with a defined place, fully functional, well-lit, and last but not least – with great style that clients will enjoy.

The other aspect of the kitchen and dining area is the social – with today’s fast lifestyle, people gather and socialize while preparing the food. This requires more organized space for more people around the kitchen and the dining table. It is why these two areas are often next to one another, or closely connected.

Bridgehampton Kitchen

Bridgehampton Kitchen: A contemporary Open Minimalistic Kitchen

Different Styles, Constant Quality

Big or small, traditional or modern, kitchens deserve to be taken seriously – as is with their owners. When there is a lack of space for both dining table and kitchen, a kitchen island or an extension of the counter that will serve as a place to eat are a smart option. Of course, we suggest solutions after we fully get a sense of the space – so every proposal we give is unique to the character of the space and the needs of the client.

In terms of style, we do not impose a constant specific style. We value the context of the place and the preferences of the clients. That is why we are proud of our portfolio that consists of different but nevertheless charming design solutions.

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