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Living spaces in urban areas are a story by themselves. Small, large, open and integrated, lofts, attics, and others have a distinctive feel, as well as the potential to become attractive classy and modern apartments.

We are very proud of our portfolio of design projects and are eager to convert successfully any new space into a chic contemporary retreat.

Canfield Living Room

Canfield Living Room; Worth Interiors

Stylish Apartment Interior for an Elegant Feel

For us, it is understandable that clients want a timeless, elegant feel. We help them understand that it can be equally chic and anything but boring. The process of designing is complex, but with a clear vision, established concept, and great organizational skills, our team at Worth makes it a worthy experience.

Whenever possible, we take advantage of the natural light available. Apartments with great open views may not make it hard for designers to maximize light and focus, but the challenge for not blocking the view while providing comfort with various furniture pieces is different in each case.

Kaye, Manhattan Living Room 02

Manhattan Living Room; Worth Interiors

Playing With Light and Materials

Light is an essential element that we designers love to play with, enhance, direct, and create the mood with. However, it is an element we take seriously to study its effect in the room and the ambiance. Sometimes, we suggest smooth, reflective surfaces to create the illusion of light and symmetry if the room is deprived of natural light or limited to lighting sources.

When the natural lighting is plentiful, we often allow for more matte fabrics, different textures, and patterns, but without overdoing it. Quality comes always before quantity, so the materials used are one of the finest.

Classic Favorites 11We also never forget the flowers and plants. Those are these final touches that really transform the space and give an instant feel of hospitality and well-being. Plus, they are a great reason to show your new exotic vase or an ultra-modern, barely-there glass bowl.

Ready to Convert Your Apartment into a Modern Classy Retreat?

Interior design and architecture is our ultimate passion and obsession, so we enjoy working with our clients and proposing them design solutions that will turn their dreams about home into a tangible contemporary aesthetics. Don’t hesitate to contact us so we can discuss your next project.

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