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Scandinavian design has been an inspiration around the world for decades and we very well know why. This North-European style incorporates in its ”recipe” for great interior design several key features that stand the test of time: simplicity, organic forms, natural materials, neutral shades.

It is no surprise then, that this timeless philosophy and conscientious approach has brought its worldwide fame.

Achieve Elegant Winter Feel with Scandinavian Style

Peace and comfort are leading aspects in the Scandinavian way of life, especially for a cozy bedroom. But in every corner of their home, ease, light, and part of nature are present. Begin with a mood board and a color palette. Scandinavians try to take maximum advantage of the natural light because the sunny weather is scarce during the year. That is why you will find large windows, white or light interiors with soft fabrics and materials.

Opt for wall colors in white or gray, depending on which side the room is facing. If it is towards the south, you can go with cooler shades of gray.  If a particular room is facing the north, then especially during winter you will want warmer shades of light natural wood and beige.

Mountain Living Snow Cloud Living Room

Snow Cloud Living Room: Detail with a swing

Looking for adding an extra layer of texture? A white brick wall is both trendy and a perfect background for a Scandinavian home style. Or, a single wall covered with wallpaper in pastel patterns adds a nice backdrop to the rest of the room.

Floors are among the most important elements of Scandinavian homes. Always go for naturally-treated hardwood floors, preferably wide planks. Avoid high-shine, instead, Scandinavians appreciate the natural surface of the wood.

The furniture is a combination of excellent wood treatment, often bentwood, and soft fabrics. Their pieces are very simple but functional and very comfortable. Wood and rattan are prominent in their furniture design. For a more raw feel, metal is also used in combination with the wood. Don’t go for the polished look – even a table made entirely from a tree trunk can serve as a coffee table.

scadinavian-inspired design: Snow Cloud 05

Winter is perfect for adding an extra layer of soft woolen blankets and covering part of the floor with hand-woven trendy rugs and mats that are displayed in a random, effortless order. These can be neutral or contrasting to the rest of the interior, depending on whether you wish to give pops of subtle patterns or color.

No matter if the interior is big or small, the Scandinavian design style will create warmth and comfort in your home during the winter season. Remember the advice from designers: go for ease, effortless feel, and simple natural materials.


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