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Never underestimate the hallway. After all, it is often the space in your home that your guests see first! So, making a welcoming first impression starts exactly here.

Hallways that Welcome Guests and Show Your Refined Style

Particularly in the residential interiors, hallways are one of those spaces that are so “utilitarian”, but often overlooked in their design plan. After you open the front door, the hallways are the first interior part that your guests are introduced with. Right there begins the chance to show and display your style and appreciation for an elegant interior design in every corner of your home.

As with any room, there are two major aspects of creating a pleasant interior, function (or purpose) and style.

hallway and entry decoration

Creating a functional yet attractive hallway

  • Keeping it neat Quite often, hallways are a poor place loaded with coats and shoes, bags and umbrellas, and other accessories that create a visual (as well as physical) clutter. Keeping the hallway neat is the first step to give it some glow. Luckily, nowadays there are plenty of modern and smart storage solutions, many of them created for those smaller spaces.

Vail Village Doorway inteior design

  • Light it It is not unusual that hallways are not exposed to natural light, so they are often the “shadier“ spots in the home, even during the day. A lighted hallway appears brighter and pleasant, so consider having wall lights and ceiling lights. Usually, a series of few smaller lights such as recessed wall lights will give a better result than a single centerpiece if the hallway is narrow. Chandeliers and other recessed centerpieces work best for higher and square-based hallways. A very elegant and modern solution for most hallways is a lower baseboard lighting or even floor lighting where they will gently trace the path.


  • Enhance it  There are several ways to refresh or polish the outlook. A brighter color or wallpaper with a unique pattern will transform it from a dull-looking place. If your hallway is very narrow, avoid vertical patterns. To give a balance to a long and narrow hallway, try placing pictures or photos in a horizontal lineup. Photos, whether personal or artistic, as well as paintings, are a great way to add value to the spot. Hallways are also a good spot to display some of your artistic collections and details. Don’t forget the flowers in a vase or some green plant that can bring some freshness and liven up the entire area.

Bridgehampton Entry Hallway interior


There are many ways to upgrade the entry and the hallway and give it a lovely appearance. It depends on the size and shape of the hallway, but also on the prevailing style in the other parts of the home. After all, hallways are the ”connectors” to the other parts of the interior and are part of the overall interior.  So, interior designers know that their design concept cannot be excluded from the rest of the space. Call WORTH Interiors for a real makeover in your home!

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