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When we say trends, we mean way more lot than just color or style. Tendencies or trends show attitude and our way of living. And we as designers at Worth Interiors are glad that lately, real trends do not dictate a strict rule in terms of outer appearance. Rather, they follow the cultural impulse of people aware of the environment and of what is really valuable.

So, the emphasis is on comfort instead of show-off, closeness and friendships, natural and eco-friendly, creativity, optimism, and light. Pantone has named the color of the year to be the ultra violet 18-3838 as it represents “originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.”

Of course, bold details find their way to complete a great interior, but let’s look at the tendencies expected to mark this 2018.

Wood and Cork

interior design Lodge at Vail 03

Wood creates warm and comfortable spaces, and is perhaps the only material that gives both natural and luxurious feel, depending on its treatment. Light brown wood is great for giving an elegant touch to smaller spaces, whereas dark wood (hardwood flooring for example) is excellent for larger rooms. Chocolate browns are nevertheless having their comeback. Another material that we expect to see more often is cork. Beautiful cork has surprisingly many uses – from flooring to room screens, walls, cabinet doors, and coffee tables.

Welcoming Comfort

Comfortable corners to relax and enjoy, whether with friends or alone, are appreciated more than ever. Small zones for different purposes united in an open interior represent the contemporary need for easy living and connection at the same time. Modern homes and even offices incorporate well these smaller zones or corners using light room dividers, standing shelves, reading nooks, small plants, comfortable furniture for more than one… The aim is: everyone can find their place and unwind by themselves, or easily enjoy the time with others.

design trends Cozy Chalet KG Ritz

Recycled and “Frugal”

As we are getting more aware of the environmental issues and the natural resources, the trends in design reflect just that. Handcrafted unique elements made from recycled wood, glass, metal or textile find their way more often than ever in modern interiors adding an extra layer of personality and distinctiveness. Also, finding fresh combinations by blending different textures with existing accessories shows the masterful creativity in style and design.

3D Walls

Master bedroom design Holden Road 06

Walls are not perceived only as a plain vertical surface. Adding relief with 3D tiles or 3D wall covers is a trend that is getting increasingly popular. And we understand why – it allows for numerous style variations: from minimalistic monochromatic to eclectic. Also, they are applicable in any room: bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, bedrooms, living rooms, offices…


Which of these tendencies do you find most inspiring and up to your style?

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