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Fireplaces add greater value to your home, or to any interior. They are the inevitable part and the charming element of mountain living.

Fireplaces – The centerpiece that provides warmth and focus

Not only because they may give the romantic vibe, fireplaces remain popular because they provide a good focus around which people gather. Even for spending time alone, they really give you a relaxing, cozy atmosphere to unwind and enjoy cooler days.

living room with fireplace

Contemporary interioir with modern fireplace

However, fireplaces are not only reserved for large houses, and they don’t need to be traditional in their design. There are many types of fireplace solutions that do now require a lot of space and give a clean modern look.

If you are considering a fireplace for your home, cottage, or even office, here are some points to consider with your designer.


This can often be tied to the ventilation canal or the conventional chimney, especially if you want a traditional and bigger fireplace for your mountain cottage. But in the case of a more contemporary design, that doesn’t always need to be. Gas direct-vent fireplaces can be placed into an interior or exterior wall, or can be the stand-alone type with an exposed stovepipe.

interiors with fireplace

Built-in stone fireplace in a lush rustic interior

Fireplaces don’t necessarily need to take up a lot of space or obstruct the view to the other side of the room. For example, in two adjoining zones or rooms, a two- or three-sided enclosed-glass fireplace will give a sleek impressive modern look.  Also, the dramatic see-through effect ensures there will be no strict visual blocking. These are perfect for modern smaller spaces.


Fireplaces must not feel out of place or out of context, or the effect may be the opposite of the one desired. They have to fit seamlessly in terms of size and style of the surrounding space. If you aim for a modern minimalistic interior, then take advantage of technology and use “cool wall“ that allows for the TV to be placed above.

Materials and colors around the fireplace need to match well with the rest of the interior.

Installation and Costs

These factors are always taken into consideration by professional interior designers.  Costs and installation vary greatly depending on the model type and the desired fireplace location (built-in, free-standing…). With solid planning and determined budget up-front, the search for the best solution is easier.

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