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While the mantra of ‘bigger is better’ is valid on many occasions (and certainly in terms of living space), size is not always the prerequisite for getting a luxurious home-feel.

Superb Interior Design for Compact Spaces

We agree that it is a challenge when space is limited, but the job of interior designers requires to get the best out of each area regardless of its size and make it as comfortable as it can be. Compact houses are nothing new and are increasing nowadays due to the ever-growing cities and districts.

Smart Planning and Storage

Since space is limited, you should know in advance exactly what each room and corner will be used for, so you won’t fill it with unnecessary equipment. A functional layout is a must. Consider having furniture that incorporates smart storage solutions, such as a bed with storage, room dividers with shelves, built in wardrobes, etc.

interior design tips for compact and smaller spaces

Open to Light

We all know light, and light colors will make the room appear wider and more spacious. During daylight use the window light to the max, remove or roll up the shaders, or opt for translucent white shaders or curtains.

However, do not shy away from contrast, for instance, white walls with a darker floor will provide some dynamics. As for artificial lighting, get a series of built-in lights that will illuminate the whole area, or add some accent lights around the corners. Such light placement will trick the eye to focus on several spots throughout the space and lessen the impression of being in a small room.

elegant interior design for smaller spaces

The Highlight – Investing in a Timeless Classic Piece

As with your wardrobe, investing in a timeless, high-quality classic piece is always a smart decision. Designer pieces that are renowned can very well fit in different surroundings and even become the focal point of the room. This investment will surely take the value of your space to a higher level, no matter its size.

Let Materials Seal the Deal

Now, how to get a room to be luxurious and elegant? This is where the “material” side steps in: regardless of the volume of the space, high-quality and natural materials will give that final elegant touch. From beautifully waxed hardwood flooring, marble countertops or tiles, polished stainless steel, silky or woolen bed covers, handmade rugs or carpets… the choice for creating luxury with available materials is vast!

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