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The details are not the details. They make the design.

This quote from the famous American designer Charles Eames remains as timeless as his designs. Although this mostly stands for industrial and product design, this principle is applicable in interior design as well. Often, it is the details that save the interior from being “boring.”

When designing an interior, designers think of the space as a totality. Multiple rooms and connecting areas such as hallways and stairs should be packed with a style that runs through the space naturally. Integrating all the elements from flooring, lighting, and furniture to decoration and details require a keen eye and bespoke organization.

To our designers at Worth Interiors, all the elements in the process are important. Here, we will discuss the last phase of designing an interior – ”the cherry on top” part – and, to many of our clients. their favorite part – the details that give that unique finish to each room.

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Details Tell Stories

Yes, they are often purely seen as embellishments, but details can create focus or be the subject that would initiate a talk with your first-time guests. They can tell stories. They can express the owner’s character, style, attitude, or even some part of their experience.

When we consider details, we also appreciate the value some of them have for the client. Whether it represents a small family heritage in the form of some small object or it brings great memories from that unforgettable trip, those details can find their place in the home.

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Display It Boldly

Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be an exquisite piece of furniture or decoration. As in luxury interiors or contemporary homes, attention can be brought anywhere with accentuated vivid colors and bold finishes. Big, bold frames around mirrors or paintings, rich tapestry, unusual vases, sculptures, or lighting fixtures.

Photographs are one way to insert style and character. Large-scale, black and white, they can be a striking detail for someone who is shy from colors in their surroundings.

Interior Design to the Finest Detail

Our passion for interior design has led us to create many distinct interiors for different clients – residential and commercial – and we are eager to create a new space for you – up to the final detail!

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