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In one of our previous posts, we presented some of the most common mistakes we as designers see in some interior spaces. Here we’ll offer a few more ways how interior design and decor can go a bit sideways and how to prevent those style-related mishaps.

Common Interior Design Mistakes and How To Prevent Them

Overlooking Greenery

interior design tipsIt is incredible how much a greenery can instantly transform and refresh a room. Many forget to place few pieces of lush green plants while decorating the space.

Fortunately, there are a plethora of indoor plants to choose from any time of the year, from domestic to exotic species.

Larger pieces can find their place in a living room, a hallway, or in a home office, while smaller ones can be perfect for the bathroom or around the kitchen area.

All Brand New

This isn’t bad in its own way. But, many new homeowners are so tempted to only display their newly bought furniture, equipment, and appliances, that their home looks like a showroom. There is lack of homey feeling.

Find a way to incorporate some vintage piece that is dear to you, or a cherished antique –even if it’s just as a detail. These are the pieces that will give character to the space.

interior design in ColoradoNot Sticking to a Concept

A solid concept and pre-planning is a must. It is the backbone of any design. Having an idea and sticking to it will prevent the space from losing its identity and character.

From interior pre-planning to mood boards with colors and furniture, the concept should determine as many details as possible in order to avoid impulse buys of furniture that will not fit in later.

Painting Walls Before it All

interior design tips from prosIt may be tempting to begin with the basics such as painting the walls, but when other things are not yet decided, that can become tricky.

Before painting the walls, first, make sure you try the paint on the wall corners and see how they will reflect the color of its adjacent wall. Second, refrain from painting the walls before deciding on the furniture, curtains, carpets, etc.

Ask the Interior Design Experts in Colorado

Never be shy to look for advice. Whether for an entirely new interior, a renovation, or an update – the team from Worth Interiors is ready to take on a project that will bring the best of your space. Our experience with many satisfied clients gives us even more passion and inspiration to work on further.

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