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Designing a space in nature is always a pleasure and a challenge. Mountain living is one example where natural landscape meets functional and comfortable living.

When designing outside urban areas, the context of the landscape is primal, alongside the comfort and style that suits the client.

In most cases, mountain residences are not permanent residences. They are either vacancy houses, winter or weekend “getaways“ to relax and recharge. However, our approach at Worth in planning and designing those spaces is as dedicated as those for a permanent living space.

Mountain Interiors - Log Home Interior 02

Log Home Living Room: large windows, open spaces, wooden logs, and soft fabrics

Mountain residences with timeless style

The breeze of fresh mountain air and smell of woods inspire a calming environment that recharges the mind and body. We tend to create interior designs that will feel equally as tranquilizing and natural as one would feel outside in nature. In fact, the job of renowned designers is to enhance the aesthetics of nature and to improve the lifestyle quality of the client.

Mountain Living Snow Cloud Living Room 06

Snow Cloud Living Room: Detail with a swing

One of the key features and benefits of mountain living (along with the fresh air) that we want to put the emphasis on is, of course, the landscape, or the surrounding of the residence. Large windows, porches, or terraces will all visually blur the boundaries between outside and inside, allowing the owners to enjoy the view as much as possible, even from the comfort of their indoor space.

Charming logs, stone, soft fabrics, and accent lighting are just a few of the materials and elements we incorporate to create that luxurious yet relaxed feel for our clients.

Fireplaces are one of the main features of mountain logs, and when integrated seamlessly with the overall design, they still make for a focal point but do not overtake the space.

We had the pleasure of working on many beautiful mountain interior projects. We at Worth Interiors believe in creating thoughtful designs with a modern approach, essentially combining natural materials with technology and more open spaces that will let light in.

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