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To unwind and relax! That is the first thought that comes to mind for most people when they think of a bedroom. Bedrooms are often multi-purpose interior spaces, where one gets to sleep, relax, read, or even do some workout. And, they still need to show off some of the owner’s personality.

Making the Bedroom Extra Cozy

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Whether someone prefers neutral colors or more strong hues, either way, achieving a perfect cozy bedroom is always possible.

There are, however, a few essential rules and approaches that need to be taken into consideration for an effective bedroom transformation.

Soft Comfy Materials

The physical factor is really key when trying to achieve a comfortable feeling in the bedroom. Humans are very responsive to touch. Delicate fabrics such as silky pillows, woolen carpet, down-filled duvet, woven blanket, or a bamboo chair will enhance that feeling of welcoming and relaxation.

Go Gentle and Warm With Lighting

Never set just a single central lighting. It really crushes the intimacy factor and the mood in general. Floor lamps in the corner, stool lamps, or concealed sources of lighting work really well, even when combined. It would be ideal if the potency of the light can be controlled. Be aware of the light temperature and opt for warm-toned bulbs not exceeding 3000 Kelvins of light temperature.

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Tranquilizing Color Palette

This doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be multiple colors or accents. It is about how well they match and complement each other to create harmony in the bedroom.

Pastel colors usually prevail to set a calming tone. Light greys, soft lavender or blue, or warm beige are a good starting point.

Doing a mood board before, with the colors intended for walls, floor, furniture, and textile can ease the decision for colors.

For those who wish for a more deeper or vibrant touch, then a wall painted in a darker shade, or bedding and pillows with beautiful print is always a choice. These other details can really change the mood.

Make it Personal – Add some History or Patina  bedroom design in Denver

There’s always that piece – a furniture or detail that seals the ‘homecoming’ feel.

Whether it is your old grandmother’s leather suitcase, an antique mirror, a lamp brought from some exotic trip, a hand-made rug, a unique chunky wooden chair, or something else that has a narrative character, bring them in that ‘sanctuary.’ Bedrooms are all about being personal and intimate. And this way it truly displays one’s personality!

Bedrooms are all about being personal and intimate. And this way, it truly displays one’s personality!

Professional Interior Designers

At Worth Interiors, we strive to make each room a work of art and a comfortable space. Whether for a renovation, transformation, or brand new building, we love creating interiors that will leave our clients genuinely pleased and proud of their places.

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