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What are your goals for this year? Any exciting new year resolutions? Perhaps you are thinking about having your home or office refurbished to maximize comfort and elegance. See what our interior designers can do to transform your space into a unique luxurious place.

Interior Renovations Done Right

The work of a professional interior designer is much more than blending textures, matching colors and materials. They are not just decorators, although décor is included in the final phase. The planning phase is equally important as the execution phase. The planning phase is a complex process that involves multiple aspects needing to be assembled all together.

luxury in interior design

It takes more than just getting dimensions and picking up furniture to create the home of your dreams. Floor plans that have a clever use of space are the basis of any good project. Then, the knowledge and holding to building standards come along.

Architectural elements such as flooring, window treatments, ceilings, staircases, fireplaces, and lighting need to be designed and integrated in such way that it will create a lovely space that will fit the needs and lifestyle of the ones using it.

interior design renovation: Watermill Home Office Project (19)

Lighting is a crucial aspect that transforms the space. Taking advantage of natural daylight while creating a lighting scheme for artificial lighting requires knowledge, creativity, and experience in interior planning. Lighting must be functional and should create a pleasant ambiance, so we take into consideration the light sources (the types and the light temperature), and of course the aesthetic aspect –choosing beautiful lighting fixtures that will stand in the space.

Up to Every Detail

Worth Interiors recognizes the importance of all of the planning stages, and also works side by side with clients for guidance in choosing the best materials, fabric, color schemes and details that will give your space distinctive character and refined luxurious feel. Luxury, for us, lies in the subtlety, in the bold as well as the fine details that give the space its identity.

The Lionshead Collection Detail in interior design

Offices, Hotels, Kitchens, Bathrooms…

Perhaps you want to revamp just one or two of the rooms, like the living room or dining room and kitchen? Our designers take on different projects, from bedrooms in residential living to hotels and lobbies.

Check our portfolio for some inspiration or contact us to start revamping your space!

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