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Bathrooms are no longer considered for purely functional and utility rooms. Rather, in present days they are thought as another relaxing spot in the home, a private retreat after a long day at work.

Invoke a Spa Feeling with Designed Bathroom

Small or large, bathrooms require special attention by interior designers. From technical installations, plumbing, ventilation (to minimize humidity), lighting, to color schemes, materials, and final touches.

Now, creating that spa feeling comes in the latter of the above: color, materials, and final decorative details. With the term spa, it mostly turns around one these two keywords – nature and relaxation.

Master bathroom in neutral colors

Begin with the basics

The basic color scheme often goes in neutrals, stone-like hues, marbles, or even light wood patterns – to recreate that effect of nature without being too dominant. This applies to tiles –as the most prevailing element, but also wash basins, and even shower trays. Shower trays with stone-like structures or faux wood tiles over the shower tray can bring that touch of nature and transform even the small bathrooms and showers into a spa retreat. Faux wood tile is, in fact, a porcelain or ceramic tile that imitates the natural textures and colors of wood.

Materials often go hand in hand with the color scheme as just described. Original patterns of marble tiles or granite, or wooden details – they all have their beautiful natural color with them.

Manhattan Bathroom with turquoise details 11

Final Touches – the icing on the cake

Classy interior design is also all about the fine details. The lighting is best if it’s adjustable. Clear functional light, of course, should be planned, but taking an extra stretch and providing dim lights will create wonders for that evening atmosphere of soaking in the bath tub.

If that is not the case, then few candles around can add to that comforting mood.

As far as details are concerned, they add mostly to creating a soothing atmosphere. Miniature plants will add a green touch needed to complete that resort character, or transparent glass vases with some mini bouquet or a single striking flower will add a touch of refreshing color.

An extra chair, warm soft towels, massaging shower, and let’s not forget the sense of smell, which is like the icing on the cake, so infuse some sensual scents with perfumed candles or oil diffusers.

Now, are you ready to pamper yourself in a spa-like bathroom? Contact Worth Interiors to help you create that dreamlike bathroom.

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