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It is no secret that our passion at Worth Interiors is exceptionally designed interior spaces. As with residential, we equally love working on vacation residences that will allow our customers to enjoy their summer holidays in luxury and style.

Holiday Residences with a Touch of Luxury

Holiday residences require the same attention as luxurious residences. Whether a private house or a resort complex, there is something extra compelling about making them even more enjoyable and unique.

Sentosa Livingroom with an ocean view 01

Living room with an ocean view, Sentosa

Our designers at Worth carefully address these projects. The main purpose is to find and enjoy the breathtaking view, allowing for letting maximum daylight in and an unobstructed view of the beautiful sunset, the ocean, or the pool.

Large windows, open spaces, color schemes with few accents, and fine, delicate details such as glassware, sculptures, and lush greenery are some of the parts that comprise a relaxed but chic holiday feel. The materials we suggest are the finest quality fabrics give that comfortable, cozy feel, and the color palette enhances the beauty of the environment.

Watermill Home Master Suite with a pool view 16

Design Team to Make Your Dream Holidays a Reality

As renowned designers, we do not stop at the interior; we also take care of the outdoor area. Pool, decks, greenery, lounge equipment, mini bars, shaders, and other elements depending on the space are carefully planned and placed. We make sure that, in the end, clients will feel extra relaxed and inspired while on their holidays.

As interior designers, we are stimulated by each new project and each new client to stay creative and original. Regardless of the scope or the budget of a project, we are led by these principles: team-applied creativity, evoking originality while staying true to clients’ needs and being respectful to their financial investment.

At Worth Interiors, we are eager to enrich our portfolio with another unique project of yours!

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